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Postpartum Moms- Tips for Healthcare Professionals by Plantation Psychologist

I was recently chatting with a patient experiencing postpartum depression and she expressed concern regarding her other healthcare professionals stating that “they just don’t get it.” While postpartum depression is a psychological issue, it is essential for other medical providers to be aware of how to best assist these patients. It is vital for all professionals to be there, be present, and actively listen to the concerns of their postpartum mothers.

Finding the “right” Psychologist, by Plantation Psychologist Dr. Jaclyn Polsky

Deciding to enter a therapeutic relationship is an extremely individualized process. At South Florida Psychological Associates, we believe it is vital for individuals to find a psychologist with whom they feel comfortable. It is often helpful to consult with additional professionals involved in your care and seek recommendations in those you trust.

South Florida Psychological Associates offers psychological services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Weston, FL Plantation, FL, and Coral Springs, FL. Dr. Polsky strongly believes that therapy is a unique process for each person and she utilizes an individualized approach in order to ensure that all patients receive the appropriate support and guidance necessary to grow and change, and improve their overall quality of life.

Postpartum Depression- Common Symptoms by Broward Psychologist

Did you know that Maternal Mental Health Disorders are the number one complication of pregnancy? Some postpartum symptoms include sadness or tearfulness, anxiety or panic, difficulty bonding with your baby, irritability or anger, loss of interest, problems with eating or sleeping, upsetting thoughts that are difficult to control, feeling out of control, difficulty concentrating or remembering, regretting becoming a mother, and worry regarding harming yourself or your baby.

If these postpartum depression symptoms impair daily functioning, please reach out to determine how we can best assist you.